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Architecture is a mediator, which exists everywhere - its basic elements of geometry, signatures of materiality, it bonds with and relates to everything.

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Drama is the Diagram - Gossip House

Instructor: Jimenez Lai  ︎
Site: Cambria, CA US
Year:  2020 Fall
Individual Work
    This is a project about a house of gossip where nothing is innocent.  Every part of architectural elements, furniture, and decorations would be the instrument for gossiping. 

    There are three ladies who live together in this house - Scarlette, Amber, and Blue Ivy, met each other in childhood and became bestests, and later on, they lived their own lives, one is a playgirl, one gets divorced, and one is a widow. So now they share the house.

    As 3 modern women, they refuse to live in a conventional house which has separated rooms. Instead, this house explores the proximity of domestic parts that could allow the three women to hear, to see, and to smell everything, in order to recognize what not being told to each other. In other words, nothing is innocent in the house but the architecture would speak to them. So a new way of living scenario is proposed for these three gossip ladies.

    Each size of filters in the catalog would auditorily, visually, or olfactorily enhance or muffle the information of gossip. The filters of gossip scale from XL to XS. If the site is XL, rooms are L. Then the domestic parts such as windows, doors, stairs, and floors are M. Furniture such as sofas and chairs are S. Utensils like pots and mixers are XS.

   With the help of filters, the three ladies would gossip together or separately, depending on the topics or contents in one room or several adjacent rooms. The rooms forming the shapes of gossip in plans also helps to spread or to stop the information in three layers- 0.1m, 1.5m, and 2.9m. So the gossip would either go vertically or horizontally. As a result, the sections not only show the ventilation but also represents the route of gossip.