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Architecture is a mediator, which exists everywhere - its basic elements of geometry, signatures of materiality, it bonds with and relates to everything.

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Elevated Porosity - UCLA Recreational Center

Instructor: Mohamed Sharif ︎
Site: Art School of UCLA, CA US
Year:  2020 Winter
Individual Work
An innovation center is the symbol of the dynamism and energetic place at UCLA. In order to inherit a similar environment and activities rather than occupying the plaza in front of the Broad Art Center, it is crucial to create an Elevated Porosity. It is not showing off the ground space with exposed structure and simply put all the programs on the upper levels. Instead, as a contrast, a solid would be on the ground to highlight the upper void and porosity. However, the void is full but light; the solid is empty but heavy. Just like a massive pedestal is holding up a lightweight sculpture above.

    The pedestal in this project is not only acting as sculpture support but also becoming an essential part of spatial organization. It is a contrast of void and solid; a base for porosity; a container for small programs; infrastructure for mechanical rooms; a start of circulations; a hiding device for structure; a space creator for the ground level around the central atrium.

Programs and corridors are porosity as if they are floating above the pedestal.  Even the program boxes are enclosed, they would always show the edges of floors, not a volume. Once we are among the sticks of columns and I-beams, we realize there is a central element which is a spatial column leading the whole building and bringing light into inner corridors. It’s also a must that hangs the roof with cables. Stairs are also seemingly floated from the pedestal, leading people to the porosity. And the assembled color of yellow structure and the blue sky showing the vividness at UCLA.