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Architecture is a mediator, which exists everywhere - its basic elements of geometry, signatures of materiality, it bonds with and relates to everything.

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[Heli]-Coil-Sseum - Helix Coil plus Colosseum

Instructor: Mohamed Sharif ︎
Year:  2020 Winter
Group Research Study 
Circulation, one of the most important elements of Colosseum, is our main concept, which can build up as a structure. The tubes on each level are the main structure for stacking up the whole building. Using a double helix to characterize the horizontal circulation is imitating the continuity of the colosseum ellipse. When people walk around the tubes, they never stop, like how a coil is never-ending.

The density of helix shows how the colosseum classify hierarchy in ancient - the denser the higher in society and the loser the lower in society.

Structure diagram - as we designed it , each helix does not actually merged together but, they sit on their own connections, and stack.