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Architecture is a mediator, which exists everywhere - its basic elements of geometry, signatures of materiality, it bonds with and relates to everything.

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Urban Construct - Pabellón de meditación

Instructor: Ismeal Soto  ︎
Site: Los Angeles State Historic Park
Year:  2021 Spring
Group Work witt: Misty Yuefei Liang, Mei Wu
    From the precedent Casa Mila, we abstract three languages: the creasing, the double-arch structure and the porosity. The “creasing” strategy is prominent for the iconic chimney standing on the roof of the residential building, highlighting the seams of the smooth surface. The double-arches are fixed on the edges of the crease line, providing structural support and further enhance the curvature. And the porosity strategy is also inspired by the ventilation of chimneys in Casa Mila. They are used to open small organic shape holes on the facade, enabling light to the interior and create interesting views.

    The architecture we proposed to construct is a rayless meditation pavilion. The “creased shell” will overlay the whole program, which sits on the site nearby the main pedestrian path of the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Covered by the shell, the interior space is a half-enclosed dome with a tranquil and isolated atmosphere. The intimate seating area constructs a huge contrast to the active and bright activity space of the outside, even blocking the views towards the railway and the hill in the north.
    We propose the shell as a hollow silhouette rested on four double-arches, which are composed of diamond-shaped GFRC. The porosity of the structure and some sawtooth-shaped boundaries of the arches allows the light to penetrate through several holes of the shell and the columns. The “creasing” concept is highlighted by the reflective metal from the exterior shell, which is
attractive to the passers-by of its exotic shape and floating gesture. While the interior is only illuminated by some light leaked through the gaps, the sound echoed by the envelope will be the only existence for the insiders to experience.

In the post-pandemic period, the mental health is becoming a big issue for the whole society. An isolated palace without any interference of noise and crowds will form a small shelter to be in a daze. Therefore if there will be some covered space with ventilation, there might be a new type of public pavilion to only feel the sound of wind flowing through small holes of the shell. The dimness of inside will render an atmosphere to release the anxiety and pains from the outside world.