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Architecture is a mediator, which exists everywhere - its basic elements of geometry, signatures of materiality, it bonds with and relates to everything.

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Hexagonal Accumulation - Library Design

Instructor: Gabriel Fries-Briggs ︎

Site: Silver Lake, CA
Year:  2018 Winter
Individual Work
This project works through the accumulation of basic structural bays as they scale, join, merge, and over-lap to create a variety of interior conditions, heights, densities.

    The structure could share columns, share beams or combine single columns in stacking, nesting, and joining in aligning with a smaller or larger single bay. When the envelope aligns to the bigger structural bay, the hierarchy will emerge as single, double, or triple spaces; or when the envelope is aligning to the smaller structural bay, the bigger structure will show up the exterior.
    The depth of members in each structural bay changes for purposes. It shifts according to structural needs, deeper in areas requiring a long span beam. It also varies according to the interior organization. At certain points, the beam depth is minimized to provide a taller space. At other locations, the beam becomes deep enough to suggest enclosure as a room or to separate programs.

In contrast to the structural bay, the envelope is a largely rectangular form. This interior structural system has a loose relationship to the envelope at the perimeter. At times pushing outside the envelope, at times, pulled back from the envelope, creating double-height spaces and other times aligning themselves directly.
The fit produces a variable interior condition and relationship between interior and exterior. In addition to doubleheight spaces, access to the library through entrances and the courtyard are located at moments where the structure breaks the otherwise rectangular envelope.