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Architecture is a mediator, which exists everywhere - its basic elements of geometry, signatures of materiality, it bonds with and relates to everything.

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Barrier Mountain - Ferry Terminal

Instructor: Narineh Mirzaeia ︎
Site: Oxnard, CA US
Year:  2020 Spring
Team Work with: Cullen Yoshihiko Fu

Pirates, sailors, immigrants… all weary travelers by sea aim towards a beacon as the destination of their voyage. The feeling of seeing landmass appear on the horizon brings about relief and eases the traveler’s burden. The ethos of California is encapsulated by a life encompassing its rolling hills, mountains, and the sea… from hiking to boating, fishing, surfing, and farming in between. Our proposed project aims to be a beacon for southern California, particularly the Oxnard coastline. It does so by tapping the iconic aspects of the California coastline and its ensuing lifestyle.

Exterior Vignette - Ferry Tunnel

Exterior Vignette - Water Recreational Park

     Exterior Vignette - Exterior Farming Area

The result is a mountain-like amalgamation, referencing the channel islands along the Oxnard Coastline – a sort of ninth island.

Interior Vignette - Interior Farming Area

Interior Vignette - Corridor

The island is embedded with infrastructure that serves boats, residents, visitors, and the agricultural industry in the 2050 scenario. A mountain-like figure provides various layers of occupancy… an elevated world for plants and recreation and an underbelly for boats, transport, and various industrial production. In its location and posture, it also becomes the liminal edge of Oxnard, protecting the coastline from some of the effects of future sea-level rise.

Space Accessories


Worms Eye Perspective
Birds Eye Perspective